About Our Steak House

Since 1997, there is a place in Kumköy that offers great tastes to people at the same point: Bistro 2000 Steak House & Bar. They have been working for 23 years to bring you great flavors!


Bistro 2000 Steak house is located at the Kumkoy district of Side region. Ancient Side village is about 4 km far from Bistro 2000 Steak House. It is not difficult to reach the best address of good taste!

Bistro 2000 Steak house is very easy to reach. It is opposite Kumköy Beach resort hotel in Kumköy and next to Hatice pharmacy. It is fronted to the main road and has large neon light signs. Whoever you ask will direct you to Bistro 2000! Easier with Google maps! Everyone knows us well!

Bistro 2000 is a family owned restaurant, has been at the same address since 1997. The place is operated by Süreyya Kilic Monchau, Her husband Ludovic Monchau and Süreyya's brother Özcan Kilic and his wife Justyna Pochodaj Kilic. They have been working for 23 years to deliver good flavor.

What Bistro 2000 does?

Customer satisfaction is always the top priority in Bistro 2000 Steak House. Bistro 2000 Steak house has always made special efforts to provide quality service, and is still continuing the same effort.

We are working hard with our entire team to offer you delicious flavors. It is a pleasure to fulfill the demands of all fans of our cuisine and to make you feel good with our delicacies.

Bistro 2000 Is it just a steak house restaurant?

No, Bistro 2000 is not just a steak house. You can sip your drink with nice music in this beautiful place or watch football matches live if you wish. In Bistro 2000, you can watch all European football leagues live.

Is there a need to make a reservation for Bistro 2000 Steak House?

Bistro 2000 Steak house has a total capacity of 200 people. Availability is always okay at any time, but groups are advised to make a reservation. For important games, we ask our customers to make a telephone reservation in advance.

Is there a wifi in Bistro 2000 Steak House, is it paid?

Yes, Bistro 2000 has unlimited and very fast wifi and is free for guests.

Is cocktail drinks possible in Bistro 2000?

Yes, all known cocktails are possible at Bistro 2000 and the best quality drinks are always possible at Bistro 2000.

Live music at Bistro 2000?

Bistro 2000 has live music some days. A Turkish music group of 3 people strives to make your time more enjoyable at Bistro 2000 with beautiful tunes. The band performs not only Turkish music but also all popular songs of the world.

Good service is passionate love at Bistro 2000! In Bistro 2000, everyone is committed to their work with great love.

Experience the delicious meals of Bistro 2000 Steak house at the first opportunity, and you will enjoy this extraordinary delicious taste.

Bistro 2000 Steak House in Side